Blog Billboards

Join Blog Billboards. For blog owners: Run Blog Billboards (BBB) on your blog and in return have other blogs run your banners promoting your blog. You will receive 3 banners for each 4 run on your site PLUS you will get an additional 25 BBB’s for each click on a BBB banner on your web site. If you refer a blogger, web site owner, you will receive additional free BBB banners. You can run up to 3 banners on a page. Simply put in the code on your blog. You will want others to see the Blog Billboards to gain free 25 BBB banners for each click so put in one near the top or put in 2 or 3 of them high, low and middle of your page. This can really add up. A one percent click rate on 1000 banners run is an additional 250 free banners. (Limit of 1,000 ads received for 1,000 run on your site) All banners are maximum 468x 60 pixels in size. Bloggers! Join now! Before joining you must agree to the agreement and terms. Join Here Contact: blogs (at) put an “@” in. Blog Billboards is geared to blogs and other information web sites where readers are considered trend setters, knowledgeable, and influential.

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